Portable Line Boring

HighMark Mechanical Line Boring Services

HighMark Mechanical can provide on-site line boring services for projects in the Lac La Biche and North Eastern Alberta area. We utilize a specialized state-of-the-art portable unit to provide line boring service directly at the project location. The use of this latest technology makes on-site line boring operations faster and easier, and enables us to service a broad range of sizes and applications.


HighMark technicians are experts in the oil field industry, and can respond to every requirement to service our customers quickly and efficiently.

With multiple line boring machines available, HighMark can provide our customers with redundancy and security. This also enables us to provide the most efficient and fast turnaround to satisfy customer needs. HighMark takes great pride in our responsive team of technicians and full complement of services to our customers.

✓ Portable Line Boring Services

  • On-site service to your work site
  • Capability to refurbish bores up to 10” in diameter and 6’ long
  • We can refurbish faces up to 10” in diameter
  • Service available for cutting internal snap ring grooves
  • Efficient and cost-effective service
  • State-of-the-art equipment provides quick setup and use
  • Save money by utilizing our service – avoid purchasing costly equipment
  • Reduce downtime, through use of on-site service
  • Maximize use of critical project equipment
  • Quality work to exacting tolerances, even in the field
  • Reliable durable equipment, to provide consistent service to all customers

HighMark provides our customers with reliable line boring services, ensuring consistent results in the shortest turnaround times available. We have been servicing the oil field industry in our area since 2008, and are confident that we can contribute to the success of your projects.

Contact HighMark Mechanical for additional information, and details on how our specialized portable line boring services can benefit your company.