Custom Solutions

HighMark Mechanical Metal Fabrication Services

At HighMark Mechanical, we perform metal fabrication services for our customers in the Lac La Biche and North Eastern Alberta areas.

Our technicians are experts in the forestry and oilfield industry and can respond to every requirement to service our customers quickly and efficiently. Metal fabrication is available for our customers and we work with steel or aluminum.

Metal Fabrication

Some examples of fabrication needs we have accommodated include custom-built steel tables for a SAGD company, and 8’ diameter aluminum covers for a major pipeline company. We can meet your specific requirements for a wide range of fabricating needs.

Why purchase equipment that almost meets your needs, when you can have your exact requirements custom-designed and fabricated? Replace obsolete or damaged equipment or parts with our fabrications built to your specific specifications. HighMark fabrications can also save time, as opposed to ordering parts and waiting for delivery. We provide fast turnaround of custom orders to our customers.


  • Custom designs for every customer need
  • Fast and efficient turnaround times
  • Third-party engineering available
  • Custom-built steel tables
  • Aluminum pipeline covers built to customer specifications
  • Cost-effective expert service
  • Delivery available in Lac La Biche, Conklin, and surrounding area
  • Fabricate exactly what customer wants – avoid purchasing
  • Fabrication and welding services available
  • Durable reliable results

HighMark provides our customers with reliable custom metal fabrication services, ensuring consistent results in the shortest turnaround times available. Avoid expensive downtime by utilizing our efficient fabrication services and machine shop facilities.

We have been servicing the oil field industry in our area since 2008, and are confident that we can contribute to the success of your projects. Our services provide superior personalized services to ensure your satisfaction.

Contact HighMark Mechanical for additional information, and details on how our specialized metal fabrication services can benefit your company.