Commitment to Safety

Health & Safety at Highmark Mechanical Inc.

At HighMark Mechanical, we prioritize the health and safety of our employees. We believe that a safe work environment leads to better productivity, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased longevity for our team members. With this commitment in mind, we have established robust protocols throughout our operations.

First and foremost, we comply with all relevant health and safety regulations, codes, and standards. Our management team continuously monitors and updates our policies to ensure they align with the latest industry best practices and legal requirements. By maintaining a proactive approach, we can readily identify potential hazards in our workplace and take timely action to mitigate risks.

Our programs

Our Health and Safety program is designed to encourage the employees to have the best possible protection and the precaution for possible unforeseen hazards, accidents, damage to property or the environment.

Highmark Mechanical encourages feedback from all employees to improve and achieve our goal in Health and Safety.


  • First Aid
  • H2S alive
  • TDG
  • Defensive Driving
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Hazard Identification
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Gas Detection
  • Rigging and Hoisting