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Mechanical Hydraulic Cylinder Repair For Lac La Biche

We specialize in hydraulic cylinder repairs in Lac La Biche. To ensure you get the work you need done, we offer our services for a wide range of sizes. Hydraulic cylinder repair isn’t the only thing we do. At HighMark Mechanical, we refurbish hydraulic cylinders as well. To help us be able to provide these services, we need the proper equipment. That’s why we use our specialized MSD-25 disassembly table. Using this equipment gives us the space and features needed for safe, accurate and efficient work. Whether it be repairs or refurbishment, our work is professional and high-quality.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Fort McMurray

Don’t Delay Your Project. Use Our Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Services In Lac La Biche.

When your equipment is down or unavailable your project can be delayed or even paused. As a result, HighMark recognizes this and commits to dependable service and quick turnaround for refurbishing or hydraulic cylinder repair in Lac La Biche. We have the equipment, technical knowledge, and experience to get our customers’ equipment back in productive use quickly. Repairing or refurbishing hydraulic cylinders is typically much faster and cost-effective than replacement. This is where HighMark can provide solutions for our customers.

HighMark technicians are experts in the oil field industry. That means they can respond to every requirement to service our customers quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced mechanical technicians have the skills and equipment to repair or refurbish your hydraulic cylinders in Lac La Biche to exact OEM specifications. With years of experience in the oil field industry, we are uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of expert services. We also have skilled welders on staff for such services as welding eyes.


  • Re-chrome
  • Fabrication of damaged cylinder rods
  • Repair of damaged rods

Scored cylinders are re-tubed/re-conditioned for use

HighMark can fabricate specialized or custom hydraulic cylinders to exact specifications, to meet the needs of our customers.

HighMark’s hydraulic cylinder services also provide the Lac La Biche and Conklin areas with pickup and delivery service when you need it.

Contact HighMark Mechanical for additional information and details on how our specialized hydraulic cylinder services in Lac La Biche benefit your company or projects.